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“Homestudy Boot Camp is the only book written by an adoption assessor, which equips prospective parents with “inside information” to make the homestudy process easier.

Before anyone can adopt they must complete and pass an adoption homestudy. Far too often would be adoptive parents panic over the homestudy process. They’re anxious because they don’t know what to expect, and they are afraid of failure. Prospective parents have long needed a no stress, no guess method to prepare for their homestudy.

If only people knew the questions they would be asked, what to avoid saying and what their adoption assessor really thought about them, they would be better prepared for this process. Thanks to Homestudy Boot Camp the wait is over! Homestudy Boot Camp goes deep into the homestudy process, as well as the minds of the adoption assessors who complete the homestudies. You will learn exactly what to expect, what questions are coming your way, and the absolute best way to respond!

Our Approach:

Homestudy Boot Camp is filled with six “tricks of the trade” chapters designed to reduce anxiety and boost your confidence to complete your homestudy effortlessly.

What This Book Does:

  • Puts your mind at ease by knowing exactly what to expect during the homestudy process
  • Teaches you the Do’s and the Don’ts during the homestudy
  • Goes inside the minds of experienced adoption assessors to bring you uncut information
  • Dissects the homestudy line by line to extract the most relevant items crucial to your success
  • Discusses the things that most people aren’t willing to admit or talk about
  • Provides guidance on answering deeply personal questions without feeling vulnerable
  • Prevents you from wondering if you’ve given answers that will disqualify you from adopting
  • Teaches you how to avoid giving answers that send up red flags in the mind of the adoption assessor
  • Discloses the top reasons applicants are denied the opportunity to adopt
  • Provides information on what happens after you’ve been approved to adopt
  • Pinpoints obstacles that prevent you from being chosen by stakeholders

What This Book Does Not Do:

  • Give shortcuts to pass the homestudy:
    You’ll still have to jump through the same hoops as
    everyone else. However you’ll be prepared for
    sweatless victory
  • Guarantee that regardless of your situation you will be approved to adopt:
    However we’ll show you how to significantly improve
    your chances of being approved to adopt
  • Guarantee that a stakeholder will pick you to become an adoptive parent:
    However we can show you how to increase your chances
    of standing out in a sea of adoptive applicants,
    to increase your chances of being chosen to adopt
  • Show you how to avoid answering deeply personal questions:
    But we will show you how to answer them in a way that
    makes you feel less vulnerable, and gives your
    adoption assessor the information they need to write a
    great homestudy on your behalf

Homestudy Boot Camp promises to be an invaluable tool to assist you in preparing for your homestudy. Utilizing straight forward discussions, practical advice and a little candid humor, expect our Boot Camp to whip you into shape quickly for the experience of a lifetime! So, without further delay, let’s dive in!”

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